Planned by Ben Schultz, this was the first week-long trip. Many of the riders were living in Ann Arbor, and we knew we wanted to visit Bell's, Founders, and end at Short's. It started in Ann Arbor on Monday, 2013/06/17 and ended in Bellaire on 2013/06/22.

Day 1: Ann Arbor to Marshall

Lunch: Knight's Jackson

Dinner: Dark Horse

Camping: Tri-Lake Trails

Day 2: Marshall to Kalamazoo

Lunch: Arcadia Ales in Battle Creek (now closed)

Dinner: Bell's Eccentric Cafe

Bar: The Beer Exchange

Camping: Markin Glen

Day 3: Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids

Lunch: SAG

Dinner: Founders Brewing Co

Camping: Grand Rouge (now closed)

Day 4: Grand Rapids to Big Rapids

Lunch: SAG

Dinner: Cranker's Brewery

Camping: Blodgett Landing

Day 5: Big Rapids to Traverse City

This was a long day, and the trail was very sandy in places. Be sure you're up for an adventure!

Lunch: SAG

Dinner: North Peak

Brewery: Right Brain

Camping: Traverse City State Park

Day 6: Traverse City to Bellaire

Lunch / Dinner: Short's Brewing

Overnight: Bellaire Inn