What is Bicycle Beer Time eXtra Large?

BBTXL's (pronounced bubba-tix-el) are week-long, supported, bike tours. The first week-long ride took place in 2013, and there's roughly one ride per year.

For many of us, this was our first experience bike touring. We generally camp overnight (preferably somewhere with a shower or a fresh body of water) and seek out breweries as food stops.

It's hard to explain the magic of these trips. Imagine your day being reduced to biking with 15-20 of your friends, punctuated with good meals, ice cream stops, and (of course) craft beers.

This site documents these trips, and hopefully inspires you to plan your own trip!


BBTXL (Ann Arbor, MI to Holland, MI)


BBTXL: BLU MI (Ann Arbor, MI to Bellaire, MI)

BBTXL: BLU MI group picture after the first day of biking


BBTXL: Finger Lakes (Jamestown, NY to Fair Haven, NY)

Finger Lakes group picture


BBTXL: Nor Cal (Trinidad, CA to San Francisco, CA)

Nor Cal group at Russian River Brewery


BBTXL: Northeast (Boston, MA loop)

Northeast riders on the last day


BBTXL: Central TX (Austin, TX loop)

Central Texas riders getting ready to roll

O'BBTXL (Bend, OR to Astoria, OR)

O'BBTXL riders getting ready to climb the hill on the first day


BBTXL: Northern MI (Traverse City, MI to Pictured Rocks)

Bikes parked outside a saloon in the upper peninsula


BBTXL: Danube (Passau, DE to Budapest, HU)

Riders join up mid-trip in Vienna


BBTXL: WRiBBT (Canyonlands National Park, White Rim Road)

Riders in front of mesa


BBTXL: MI3 (Ann Arbor, MI to Traverse City, MI)

Riders at Trilakes campground in Marshall